Friends don’t let friends drink bad beer.

Why CraftHounds?

There’s nothing better than drinking your favorite beer at the peak of its freshness.

There’s also nothing suckier than realizing that 6-pack you just picked up is 2 months past the drink-by date.

We here at CraftHounds will be the first to admit that we’re kind of picky about the bottle shops we partner with. When we talk to new stores about bringing them online, we go through a whole checklist to make sure that they maintain and care for their inventory properly.

That’s also why we partner directly with local breweries to let you order beer poured right from their tap only minutes before it’s at your door.

And during those few minutes, your beer is safely buckled up inside one of our drivers’ coolers. Gone are the days of mail order beer, where your precious cargo gets tossed around in some stuffy box for days at a time.

Brewers work hard to make sure their beers taste a certain way, and we’re dedicated to helping you enjoy your favorite beers the way they were meant to be. In fact, we’ve even stopped a few orders in their tracks just because one of the items wasn’t up to snuff (and offered a replacement!).

It’s that commitment to quality that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re with us in supporting our city’s local breweries and bottle shops, check out what’s available near you right here.


The CraftHounds Team