Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast Single Bottle 11.2oz

An oatmeal stout with 25.0% oat-based ingredients and a nice touch of gourmet coffee. A beer that goes extremely well with breakfast! Also good for the afternoon and the evening‰. Good hints of coffee and smoke as well as dark chocolate and roasted malts. A Mikkeller classic!

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Oatmeal stouts include oatmeal in their grist, resulting in a pleasant, full flavor and a smooth profile that is rich without being grainy. A roasted malt character which is caramel-like and chocolate-like should be evident – smooth and not bitter. Coffee-like roasted barley and roasted malt aromas (chocolate and nut-like) are prominent. Color is dark brown to black. Bitterness is moderate, not high. Hop flavor and aroma are optional but should not overpower the overall balance if present. This is a medium- to full- bodied beer, with minimal fruity esters. Diacetyl should be absent or at extremely low levels. Original gravity range and alcohol levels are indicative of English tradition of oatmeal stout.


Oatmeal Stout






Soft & Silky


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